Wednesday, November 25, 2009

World History, November 25

Chapter 11 Review Questions - assignment worth 5 points towards assignment grade

The Byzantium Empire: Pgs 301-304

What were the names and characteristics of the four parts of the Justinian Code?

Which peoples attacked the Byzantine Empire? What part of the empire did they invade?

What two religions emerged from the split of the Christian Church?

The Russian Empire: pgs 307-313

According to The Primary Chronicle, how did Vladimir choose Byzantium Christianity?

How did Moscow’s location contribute to its growth?

What event marked Russia’s liberation from Mongol Rule?

Turkish Empires: pgs 314-317

What did the Turks take from the Persian culture?

*million square miles
** millions of people

Which Empire lasted the longest?

The Population of Byzantium was five times the size of which empire?

Which Empires existed in the year 400 CE?

What are 3 things that you learned from the Genghis Khan Video?

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