Tuesday, March 16, 2010

African American History - March 16

Congratulations! We have finished the Civil War and now we are going to study the Reconstructionist Period of African American History. Below is a lecture entitled Life After Slavery: Day 1. Finish strong, we only have a few more weeks in the quarter.

Monday, March 15, 2010

World History 7-8 Quiz Review March 15

* Rome Review

* Rome's Rise
* located at the midpoint of Italy
* Romans borrowed from Greek and Etruscan (natives) culture
* Location was good for trade

* Government
* Romans overthrew King - he was a bad ruler
* Rome became a republic - people have power to choose leaders and govern
* Republic was a compromise of rich and poor
* patricians - rich people
* plebeians - poor people
* plebeians - ruled in an assembly
* patricians - ruled in tribunal

* basis of law was based on 12 tables
o first time rules are written down
o all free citizens have the same rules

If the republic was in deep trouble they could elect a dictator - absolute power

* Spread of Empire

The Roman Legion was the Army that conquered territory for Rome
Taxes from other places would go to Rome - more Roman Citizens
In 150 years, Rome conquers Italy
More land means more trade! more trade, more $$$

* War with Carthage

Carthage jealous - they were the trading power in the region
began a war with Rome
Think drug kingpins - blocks and corners, soon a turf war
264-146 BC - Punic Wars
Rome destroys Carthage and becomes the major influence in the region
Takes slaves and becomes Roman Territory

* Jesus
* Jesus born in Israel under Roman Rule
* 4-6 BC
* Began to preach against the Jewish ideas
* crucified by Romans (good friday)
* Apostles kept the word of Jesus called it 'Gospel' - good news
* Paul responsible for growth of religion
* 'Christians' began preaching universal acceptance - anyone could follow Jesus]
* Christians were martyred
* Eventually Rome (Europe) would become a christian continent under
* Constantine

* Fall of Rome

Civil War weakens Rome
Allows Julius Caesar to take control -famous war hero (dictator)
Killed because they feared he would be too powerful
Augustus Caesar takes over - takes the name Emperor 'the exalted one'
Roman empire ruled by one man

Pax Romana - Roman Peace
80 million people enjoyed wealth and prosperity
Used one common coin throughout empire

see chart for 'fall of empire' for last part of quiz

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

African American History - March 10

Below is the lecture that we looked at last week.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

African American History, March 9

In-class writing assignment:
Imagine you are an immigrant who arrived to America in 1848. It is now 1860 and you are living in either New York or South Carolina. You are going to write a letter to your family in the old country to tell them about the political, economic, and social situation of the United States. You will explain to them that why you believe that war is inevitable (upcoming). Please take the side of the North or South (depending on where you live) to explain why you believe a war is in America's future.

World History, March 9

French Revolution: pgs 651-5

Please answer the following questions about the French Revolution found in Chapter 23. You must write in complete sentences to receive full credit for your answer. DO NOT COPY FROM THE BOOK!

1. What were some of the problems that France encountered just before the Revolution?
2. Please describe France’s three Estates?
3. What were the grievances (complaints) of the Third Estates?
4. What characteristics did members of the Third Estate want in their government?
5. Why was France’s economy in trouble?
6. Why was there a meeting of the Estates General?
7. What was the Tennis Court Oath?
8. Describe the Great Fear?

Monday, March 8, 2010

African American History, March 8, 2010

Today in class we looked at 11 causes of the Civil War. Examples from the reading include slavery, Bloody Kansas, the imbalance of powers, shifts in economy, and the collapse of the two-party system. Tomororw students are expected to write about three causes that they feel are the most significant and the interconnectedness of each cause.

Friday, March 5, 2010

World History - French Revolution Assignment

French Revolution Play

This assignment will last for three days. The first day students will read the play as a class to familiarize themselves with ther story. The last two days students will be working in two groups to put on their rendition of the play provided. The assignment will conclude with a competition as the two groups perform the same play. There will be three judges to declare the winner. The winning team will receive a group grade of an A.

There will be a total of 3 grades that will be averaged together. The grades are on group cooperation and participation (I will make my way around the auditorium to grade), a group presentation grade, and also an individual grade.


85 + 95 + 88 = 89 final quiz grade

I will be grading the play on the criteria of originality, participation, and accuracy. I want you to make the play ‘your own’ without changing the plot (course of history). Good Luck!

Monday, March 1, 2010

World History - March 1

Today we completed a review worksheet for our quiz tomorrow. I have given you 10 questions, and of those I will have 5 on the quiz. Here are the questions if you were not in class.

1. Which voyages gave Europeans new knowledge of the world?

2. What are colonies?

3. Why did Columbus travel west?

4. What were the goals of Columbus’ expedition?

5. What was the main economic activity of New France?

6. In Which two places did English Colonists settle?

7. Who was responsible for the Atlantic Slave trade?

8. Why were slaves brought to the Americas?

9. What was the triangular trade?

10. Please give testimony of Queen Isabella or King Ferdinand on why Columbus went to the new world