Monday, March 15, 2010

World History 7-8 Quiz Review March 15

* Rome Review

* Rome's Rise
* located at the midpoint of Italy
* Romans borrowed from Greek and Etruscan (natives) culture
* Location was good for trade

* Government
* Romans overthrew King - he was a bad ruler
* Rome became a republic - people have power to choose leaders and govern
* Republic was a compromise of rich and poor
* patricians - rich people
* plebeians - poor people
* plebeians - ruled in an assembly
* patricians - ruled in tribunal

* basis of law was based on 12 tables
o first time rules are written down
o all free citizens have the same rules

If the republic was in deep trouble they could elect a dictator - absolute power

* Spread of Empire

The Roman Legion was the Army that conquered territory for Rome
Taxes from other places would go to Rome - more Roman Citizens
In 150 years, Rome conquers Italy
More land means more trade! more trade, more $$$

* War with Carthage

Carthage jealous - they were the trading power in the region
began a war with Rome
Think drug kingpins - blocks and corners, soon a turf war
264-146 BC - Punic Wars
Rome destroys Carthage and becomes the major influence in the region
Takes slaves and becomes Roman Territory

* Jesus
* Jesus born in Israel under Roman Rule
* 4-6 BC
* Began to preach against the Jewish ideas
* crucified by Romans (good friday)
* Apostles kept the word of Jesus called it 'Gospel' - good news
* Paul responsible for growth of religion
* 'Christians' began preaching universal acceptance - anyone could follow Jesus]
* Christians were martyred
* Eventually Rome (Europe) would become a christian continent under
* Constantine

* Fall of Rome

Civil War weakens Rome
Allows Julius Caesar to take control -famous war hero (dictator)
Killed because they feared he would be too powerful
Augustus Caesar takes over - takes the name Emperor 'the exalted one'
Roman empire ruled by one man

Pax Romana - Roman Peace
80 million people enjoyed wealth and prosperity
Used one common coin throughout empire

see chart for 'fall of empire' for last part of quiz

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