Friday, March 5, 2010

World History - French Revolution Assignment

French Revolution Play

This assignment will last for three days. The first day students will read the play as a class to familiarize themselves with ther story. The last two days students will be working in two groups to put on their rendition of the play provided. The assignment will conclude with a competition as the two groups perform the same play. There will be three judges to declare the winner. The winning team will receive a group grade of an A.

There will be a total of 3 grades that will be averaged together. The grades are on group cooperation and participation (I will make my way around the auditorium to grade), a group presentation grade, and also an individual grade.


85 + 95 + 88 = 89 final quiz grade

I will be grading the play on the criteria of originality, participation, and accuracy. I want you to make the play ‘your own’ without changing the plot (course of history). Good Luck!

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