Tuesday, November 10, 2009

African American History, November 9th

Chapter 4 Review:

There was a war going on between France and England in the later part of the 1700s. England eventually won and France left the Northwest Territories in 1763.

The British needed money to pay for the war so they decided to tax the colonies. The colonies were used to self-government rebelled against the new taxes. The term ‘no taxation without representation’ comes from this period

The new taxes led to the creation of the Continental Congress. In July 1776 they wrote the declaration of Independence. It is important to note that DOI had separate rights fro Blacks and Whites.

The DOI was written during the time of the enlightenment and many African Americans assumed that the universal rights described by the founding fathers would also include Blacks.

The enlightenment shaped the careers of America’s first intellectuals

New institutions made science and literature more widely available and blacks took advantage the new opportunities

As the war began between the colonies and Britiain, African Americans had to choose a side; when the British offered freedom to escaped slaves who joined their army many joined their side

Necessity forced the Continental Congress to allow African Americans to serve and as a result African Americans in the north were given their freedom
Anti-slavery societies led by the Quakers (Pennsylvania) played a key role in freeing Blacks.

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