Monday, November 30, 2009

African American History, November 30

Here is the assignment that we started in class today. It will be do at the end of class tomorrow. Remember, you also have a paper due tomorrow (see previous blogs for assignment details)

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African American History: Understanding charts, graphs, and maps

Chart 1: Distribution of Slaves, 1790-1860

1. In which decade was there the greatest increase in slave population?

2. Draw a line graph to represent the number of slaves and the number of free blacks from 1790- 1860. Use two different colors. Use 4 million as the top point on the y-axis.
3. Was the gap between free blacks and slaves proportional or exponential over time? Explanation: Did the lines on the graph have the same slope (proportionate) or different slope (exponential)
Chart 2: Slave Population by state, 1790-1860

1. Which state had the largest slave population in 1790 and in 1860? Which state had the smallest slave population in 1790 and in1860?

2. How many states had slaves in 1790, 1820, and 1860

1790 -

1820 -

1830 –
3. Draw a graph to show the slave population 4 southern states - Maryland, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky. Use 4 different colors
4. How many slaves were ‘represented’ according to the 3/5ths Compromise? (refer to ‘all states’ column) in 1790? In 1820? In 1860? Explanation: take the number of total slaves and multiply that number by .6

1790 -

1820 -

1860 –
Please color this map to show the states that had slavery in 1790
Please Color this map to show the states that had slavery in 1860?

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