Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chapter 17 Review

Chapter 17 Review

Immigration was at a very high level in the 1920s
contributed to racism - how? because everyone is competing for jobs

New ‘scientific’ reasons for racism studies of Eugenics

Birth of a Nation - silent movie that glorified KKK - got very popular (remember the march on Washington)

Who did the KKK hate?

NAACP used legal system to try to protect rights and equality - lynching was first

UNIA (Marcus Garvey) United Negro Improvement Association
preached black nationalism (started ferry line)

The great migration led to many AAs leaving to the north - better jobs, better education

Northerners did not like the great migration - more competition for jobs - changed racial balance

Unions did not allow blacks to join - had to make their own - A. William Randolph

Harlem Renaissance - a product of the great migration - music, art, literature, poetry

what provoked the MOVE uprising in 1978?

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