Thursday, October 29, 2009

World History, Rome Quiz Review

We are going to work on a study guide that will dramatically help you for the quiz. While the quiz is not open-book or open-note, the questions will be very similar to the questions on the review sheet. Once you have completed the guide please, please look it over before you take the quiz.

Vocab: You will be responsible for knowing these words and why they are important.

Punic wars
pax romana
civil war

Multiple Choice, Short Answers, True/False Topics

What is the legend of Rome’s founding?

Who were the first people to live in Rome?

Why was a republic established in Rome?

Why was Rome’s location so important for trade

What was the cause for the Punic Wars?

What was the significance of the 12 tables?

Who was Hannibal?

Why did Rome fall? (6-8 sentences)

How did Christianity originate (6-8 sentences)

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