Monday, October 19, 2009

World History, October 19

Today in World History we are looking at Rome from republic to empire. Our assignment is to answer one of two questions:

How did Rome move from a Republic to an Empire?

Describe daily life in Pax Romana-era Rome?

Students will read the corresponding section of the textbook and outline the main points and supporting details. There should be 3 main points and at least two supporting details for each main point.

Example of the assignment:

MP1: Economic Turmoil led to the decline of the republic
s1: bigger gap between rich and poor meant uneven power among citizens
s2: Civil War Broke out

will evolve into:

One major reason for the decline of the Roman republic and the rise of an Empire was economic division between classes. Under the republic there was equal representation by the Senate and Tribune. As the Rich got richer they did not want equal representation. A civil war eventually broke out as the economic turmoil proved too difficult to reconcile which lead to the rise of the Empire.

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