Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September 30, 2009

It was wonderful to get to meet so many parents last night. Apparently it was the largest turnout in quite awhile. You are welcome into my classroom whenever you'd like.

Today in World History we are looking at the different styles of government in Greece. We established yesterday that due to Greece's rugged geography a number of separate city states emerged with their own distinct style of government. Yesterday's homework asked the question how does your geography shape who you are? Today in class we looked at the different systems of government including monarchy, oligarchy, tyrants, and democracy. We discussed the different characteristics of each. For homework the students are expected to write about the differences between a direct and indirect democracy and then explain which they believe to be better of the two.

In African American History we looked at life after the long journey for the African Slaves. Once they arrived on one of the many islands of the Carri bean, they would be able to rest up so as to increase their value (a healthier slave would fetch more money). Once a slave was sold they would start the 'seasoning' process. Seasoning consisted of becoming accustomed to the duties of the plantation, learning European languages, and receiving new Christian names. We also looked at why the Atlantic slave trade was abolished in 1807; there were moral grounds in the abolitionist movement and also England was shifting economic systems from the plantation system to the industrial system. It is important to remember that the money gained from slave trade and plantations in the colonies would ultimately be used to finance the industrial revolution. Students should be working at home on their assessments that are due on Friday.

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